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Symbolism Egg


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Here you'll find K's (mostly) gen fics, humorous and serious, for the series

D. Gray-man
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
and a few more (Lumen Lunae, Sailor Moon, Please Save My Earth)

Translation Policy: You're more than welcome to translate anything that's publicly posted here. A number of amazing people have translated my fics into other languages, and as an occasional fan-translator myself, all I feel is delight that someone liked them enough to actually do that. If you do translate something, I would appreciate it if you send me a link. Putting this policy here so nobody has to wait for months for me to respond to a translation request. I hardly ever check this journal these days.

fanfic50 - The Noah Clan (D. Gray-man) - Chart
2x5obsessions - Utena & Anthy (SKU); Jasdero & Devit (D. Grayman) - Table